Classic Banh Mi

By Raybird. 
Servings: 3. Non Vegetarian 

In 2018 Framroze Deli did a sandwich popup at the Lil Flea festival in Mumbai and this classic Vietnamese Banh Mi was our bestselling sandwich. Juicy Danish pork shoulder and pate topped with a variety of sweet, sour, spicy and crunchy accompaniments. Originating on the streets of Saigon, "Banh Mi" literally translates to "bread", and the right bread is paramount to a perfect Banh Mi. Unlike a traditional baguette, the Banh Mi baguette has a thin crust and very light and airy interior. When stuffed and squished together, the interior crumb almost disappears and the crust frames all the beautiful colourful fillings. 


"Do Chua" Vietnamese Pickled Carrots & Daikon - 1 medium jar full

Carrot, cut into sticks/julienne 2 cups
Daikon Radish (Mooli), cut into into sticks/julienne 2 cups
Sugar 6 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Rice Vinegar/White Vinegar/Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 cup
Water 1 cup


Tulip Pork Shoulder Picnic Ham Or Spam 1/2 tin
Tulip Pork Liver Pate 1/2 tin
Baguette, 1 large or 3 individual  1 or 3
Do Chua (Pickled Carrots & Daikon), drained 1/2 cup
Cucumber, cut lengthwise into spears 1 pc
Spring Onion, chop lengthwise  2 stalks
Coriander, leaves and thin stems Generous handful
Green Jalapeno, sliced 1 pc
Mayonnaise 3 tbsp
Sriracha To garnish


1. For the Do Chua pickles, peel and cut the carrots and daikons into long sticks approximately matchstick thickness. They do not have to be perfectly cut. Fill them into a medium-sized glass jar. 
2. Combine the water, vinegar, sugar and salt in a small pan and bring to a boil. Immediately pour the hot pickling liquid over the carrot and daikon sticks and let it sit until cool. Store in the refrigerator and use on anything as a delicious sweet, sour and crunchy accompaniment. 
3. For the Banh Mi, briefly heat the bread in the oven. If using a traditional French baguette, spray the outside with water to prevent the crust from getting too crunchy while heating. Open the meat and cut the ham or spam into slices. 
4. To assemble, start by slicing open the baguette. Spread the mayonnaise on both sides, followed by the pate on the bottom half. Top the pate with slices of pork shoulder or spam. Top the pork shoulder with the Do chua pickles (drained), cucumber, spring onions, jalapeno, and coriander. Finally drizzle with sriracha or your favourite chilli sauce and close the sandwich tight. If you used one large baguette, cut it into three. Enjoy!