Westzaner Dutch Gouda Cheese Wedge, 200g

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Cheese doesn't get much better than this. Westzaner's traditional Dutch Gouda has been designated by the European Commission as a 'Protected Geographical Indication'. This means that it has been produced in The Netherlands only with milk from Dutch cows, and it has undergone a natural ageing process to achieve its rich and caramelly flavour.

Serve it with a sweet jam or preserve on a cheese board, or melt it in a grilled cheese or burger. Pairs beautifully with a Bourbon, or a hoppy Pale Ale.

Also available in slices: Westzaner Dutch Gouda Cheese Slices, 160g

Natural Cheese & Moldy Goodness: Authentic Dutch Gouda wheels are coated in a thin inedible plastic rind and stamped with a seal to certify their origin from The Netherlands. After the cheese is aged and cut into wedges, there are sometimes marks and mold on the rind and edges of the wedge, this is normal, simply peel off the rind and enjoy the cheese. It's delicious!

Suitable for vegetarians. Country of Origin: The Netherlands. 

Net Weight: 200 grams

About Westzaner:

Westzaner, a family-run cheesemaker, has been producing traditional Dutch cheese since 1908. They specialise in naturally-ripened cheese like Gouda and Edam, as well as processed smoked cheese in a variety of flavours. Milk for the cheese is sourced directly from farms in the northern provinces of the Netherlands, and the cheese is carefully aged in temperature and humidity controlled warehouses until they reach their desired flavour and texture.