Morelli Calamari of Rice & Corn, Gluten Free & Organic, 250g

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Morelli Corn & Rice Calamari is made with maize flour and rice flour, making it suitable for gluten intolerance, while maintaining a very similar consistency to traditional pasta.

Calamari or calamaretti, the smaller version of calamarata, is a short, fat ring-shaped pasta that resembles sliced calamari. It originated in Naples, Italy.

Suitable for Vegetarians. Country of Origin: Italy

Net weight: 250 grams

About Il Pastificio Morelli:

Morelli have been creating Italian pasta since 1860 in San Romano, Tuscany. A family-run company, 5th-generation, siblings Lucia, Antonio and Marco, are currently preserving the traditions their ancestors put in place. The secret lies in the wheat germ! Morelli utilize an artisanal method of reincorporating wheat germ, the heart of the grain of wheat, into durum wheat semolina to create their pasta with a taste and aroma of wheat that is unique from common types of pasta. Not only does this make the pasta extraordinarily delicious, but also significantly healthier owing to the naturally occurring nutrients and vitamins.