JR Classic Scottish Smoked Salmon, 100g

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John Ross Jr Classic Scottish Smoked Salmon has been their signature smoked salmon since 1857.

Using red brick kilns dating back to their founding, master smokers hang the salmon over smoldering fires of oakwood. This rare cold-smoking method, along with a traditional curing process, produces a salmon that is rich and succulent. The end product melts in the mouth.

The salmon is locally sourced from the cold clear waters of the Atlantic, and processed with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. It is freshly packed and flash frozen. Store in the freezer at all times, and thaw for a few hours in the refrigerator before consuming.

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Not suitable for vegetarians. Country Of Origin: Scotland, UK 

Net weight: 100 grams

About John Ross Jr:

John Ross Jr is a traditional smokehouse located on the east coast of Scotland. As masters of their craft, and one of the last remaining smokehouses to hand prepare Scottish smoked salmon using traditional brick kilns, they guarantee an unforgettable smoked salmon experience. The secret to their smoking process? Time. As they put it, “Some things simply can’t be rushed”.