Ishka Farms Organic Capers, 200g

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Ishka Farms Organic Capers are hand harvested on the sunny east coast of India where they are grown. The younger and smaller the buds are, the more flavour-packed they are. Produced in very small batches, these 7-9mm buds are very tender and need to be plucked carefully so as not to disturb the new buds.

These capers can be used in any dish to add a complex piquant Mediterranean twist. We love them in pasta sauce or in a salad. Our favourite way to enjoy them is in a bagel with John Ross Jr Smoked Salmon, cream cheese and thinly sliced raw onions. A match made in heaven.

Rinse and drain the capers in water before enjoying them.

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Suitable for vegetarians. Country of Origin: India 

Net weight: 200 grams, Drained weight: 130 grams

About Ishka Farms:

At Ishka Farms, founded in 1964, organic farming is not just a practice, it is a way of sustaining life. Located on 365 acres of agricultural land in the Tuticorin District of Tamil Nadu, they produce incredible tasting products, while sparking positive socio-economic change in the village of Niravi Pudhupatti, and beyond.