Bonito Albacore White Tuna in Olive Oil, 111g

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Bonito Del Norte, or White Albacore Tuna from the Galician coast of Spain, is smaller than its bluefin and yellowfin cousins and considered the most superior in quality for its uniquely tender texture and mild buttery flavour. Each fish is carefully prepared by hand, simply seasoned with salt and packed in delicious Spanish Olive Oil. Tuna doesn't get any better than this.

While most popularly enjoyed straight from the tin, Bonito Del Norte Tuna can be used for a beautiful salad (we suggest a classic French Nicoise), a tuna mayo sandwich with fresh cucumbers, or tossed with your favourite pasta.

All-natural, with no artificial colours or preservatives.

Not suitable for vegetarians. Country of Origin: Spain 

Net weight: 111 grams, Drained weight: 72.5 grams

About Cabo De Peñas:

Legends of Spanish preserved seafood, or 'Conservas', Cabo De Peñas are located on the Southwest coast of the Galician region of Spain and have been masters of seafood preservation since 1898. Their goal is to maintain the natural flavour of the exquisite seafood by preparing it and canning it at the optimum moment of freshness. Most importantly, they guarantee the sustainability of marine resources by only employing sustainable fishing practices and traceability, tracking when, where and by what method each product was caught. Cabo De Peñas has been awarded with the "Galicia Calidade" seal, certifying it as one of the finest producers in the region, and the world.