Turkey Cranberry Cheddar Melt

By Raybird. 
Servings: 2. Non Vegetarian 

Cranberries and Turkey are a match made in heaven. As soon as it arrived, we knew we had to pair our new sliced Italian Roast Turkey Breast with one of our most popular cheeses - Ford Farm's Wensleydale with Cranberries. The turkey is tender and juicy, Wensleydale mild and sweet, and after grilling the bread is crispy and buttery. Simply a perfect sandwich, and easy to whip up in a flash.


Trentino Roast Turkey Breast, Sliced 6 slices
Ford Farm Wensleydale with Cranberries Cheese ~100g (1/2 pkt)
Milk sandwich bread, sliced 4 slices
Butter 2 tbsp
Ishka Farms Kerala Black Pepper, ground To taste


  1. Spread butter on both sides of your bread slices.
  2. Layer 3 slices of turkey on the bottom bread of each sandwich. If the slice is sticking out, just fold the edges in. Top the turkey with slices of the Wensleydale cheese - be generous! Add some crushed Kerala Black Pepper to balance the sweetness and close the sandwich.
  3. Over medium heat grill the sandwich until both sides are brown and extra crispy. Don't be in a hurry, give the cheese enough time to melt into deliciousness. Remove from the pan and enjoy!