Truffle Cheddar Spaghetti

By Raybird. 
Servings: 3. Vegetarian 

Simplicity at its best, this dish, made with just pasta, cheese and butter, is frighteningly easy and maddeningly satisfying. With pasta and cheese this good, you really don't need much else. Morelli Pasta has a silky smooth exterior and firm bite, while Ford Farm Truffle Cheddar, when combined with the starchy pasta cooking water, makes a creamy and light sauce with a subtle hint of black truffle. 

Notes: Images are with Morelli Pappardelle & Truffle Pecorino, which have been discontinued. Thanks!


Morelli Spaghetti or any pasta of your choice

250 gm (1/2 packet)

Ford Farm Truffle Cheddargrated

1 cup (85 gm)

Butter, salted

4 tbsp (60 gm)

Salt & Pepper

To Taste


1. Put a medium-sized pot of water to boil with 2 tbsps of salt.
2. Grate your Truffle Cheddar cheese and put in a large bowl with the butter. We will add our pasta and make our sauce in this bowl.
3. Once the water comes to a simmer, add your pasta. Cook the pasta as per the time instructions on the packet.
4. Once the pasta has wilted into the water, make sure you mix it every couple of minutes to prevent the pieces from sticking to each other.
5. After 5 minutes remove one strand of pasta and cut a small piece to taste it and see if its ready. It should be 90% cooked when you strain it, not fully cooked, to ensure a nice bite. 
6. Now strain the pasta into a colander with another pan below to collect the cooking liquid. We need this liquid to make the sauce.
7. Immediately add the strained pasta to the bowl with the butter and cheese. Add a couple of tbsps of the cooking liquid and give the pasta a good mix. We are trying to combine the butter, melted cheese and starchy pasta cooking liquid to make a creamy sauce. If it looks dry, add some more liquid, very little at a time. Do not add too much liquid at a time as it will make your sauce too thin.
8. The seasoning should be fine as the pasta liquid, butter and cheese all have salt, however, finish with some freshly ground black pepper.
9. Once your pasta and sauce is at the perfect consistency, serve in a bowl with more truffle pecorino grated on top.