Thick Bacon BLT

By Raybird. 
Servings: 2. Non Vegetarian 

Bacon. Lettuce. Tomatoes. Possibly the greatest sandwich of all time. A beacon of sandwich simplicity and the ultimate balance of flavours and textures. Salty, smokey, sweet, fresh and juicy between two soft slices of bread. The only way to make it better? Thick-cut Italian Bacon Carbonara. 1.5 centimetres thick to be precise. You won't want to go back to thin-sliced bacon after you dig into this.


Bacon Carbonara Italia, sliced 1.5 cm thick 4 slices
Milk Bread, or any fresh soft sliced sandwich bread 4 slices
Butterhead or Romaine Lettuce 6 leaves
Tomato, sliced 2 each
Mayo 2 tbsp


1. Slice four slices of bacon, each slice 1.5 cm thick. Use a ruler, or it is about the thickness of your index finger. Trim the skin off the top of each slice. Starting on a cold pan, grill the bacon on high heat just until both sides of it are browned and the edges are crispy. You don't want to overcook it.

2. Liquid Gold! Save the melted fat from the pan in a bowl and refrigerate to use for cooking. Bacon fat has a high smoke point and delicious smokey flavour making it perfect for cooking or baking.

3. Assemble your BLT. Spread mayo on the inside of your bread slices. First place the lettuce leaves, followed by the tomatoes, and finally the thick-cut bacon. Close the sandwich. Welcome to bacon heaven.