Truffle Linguine Brie e Pepe

By Raybird. 
Servings: 4. Veg or Non-veg, depending on the pasta used 

This is our riff on a classic Italian pasta dish - Cacio e Pepe, or 'Cheese & Pepper', but with a French twist. Blasphemy, we know! We replaced the parmesan and pecorino cheese with our favourite, Brie cheese from Spotted Cow Fromagerie, melted it with a dash of cream and milk into a silky smooth sauce, and tossed it with our Morelli Black Truffle Linguine pasta. The result is a rich, creamy, earthy and pungent sauce, balanced with a generous addition of freshly ground black pepper and a hint of Black Truffle. Enjoy with a salad and your favourite glass of red wine. 


Brie Cheese, Spotted Cow Fromagerie

1 pkt (200g)

Morelli Linguine with Black Truffle (contains egg),or
Morelli Spaghettoni Tonnarelli (Veg)

1 pkt Linguine (250g) or 1/2 pkt Tonnarelli (500g)


2/3 cup


1/3 cup

Garlic, chopped

4 cloves

Black Pepper, freshly ground

To taste

Olive Oil

3 tbsp


To Taste


1.  Combine milk and cream and bring to a simmer. Cut the Brie into cubes and add to the warm milk and cream mixture. If you want your sauce less strong, you can trim off some of the rind, but we love the taste of it so wouldn't suggest removing too much.

2. Heat the milk, cream and Brie on low until the cheese has completely melted. Using a handheld stick blender, or regular blend, blend until smooth. Season lightly with salt to taste.

3. Boil the Truffle Linguine or Tonnarelli (veg) in salted water just until it is done. Strain it, but save at least a cup of the cooking liquid. We will need it to adjust the consistency of the sauce.

4. Chop the garlic and add it to a pan with the olive oil. Generously add freshly ground black pepper. Saute on medium heat until the garlic is softened and black pepper aromatic. Add the cooked pasta and a tablespoon of the cooking liquid. Mix well.

5. Add the Brie sauce to the pan and mix with the pasta. The consistency of the sauce is most important. It should be creamy enough to cling to the pasta, but not so thick that it is heavy and sticky. Use the pasta cooking liquid to loosen it if it is too thick, but add only a tablespoon at a time and mix it before adding more so you don't make the sauce too thin. You're going to enjoy it!