Smoked Trout Toast (Smørrebrød)

By Raybird. 
Servings: 2. Non-Vegetarian  

Once you discover the wonders of preserved tinned seafood, you open your eyes to a whole new world of cooking and snacking. Whether it's a salad, sandwich, pasta, or hors d'oeuvre, these Danish Smoked Trout fillets will take any meal to the next level. For this recipe, we were inspired by the classic open sandwich from Denmark known as a Smørrebrød, which is traditionally rye or pumpernickel bread topped with a protein, a creamy sauce, and crunchy fresh and pickled vegetables. For our Smoked Trout version we used seeded sourdough bread, lime cream, sweet and salty cucumbers, red onions, and capers. It's a flavour explosion!


Munkebo Smoked Trout Fillet

1 tin

Cream Cheeseat room temperature
2 tbsp
Ishka Farms Capers, drained 2 tsp
Ishka Farms Sea Salt To Taste
Sourdough, rye or pumpernickel bread 2 slices
Lime 1 wedge
Green Cucumber  1 pc
Red Onion 1 pc
Table Salt 1 tsp
Castor Sugar 1 tbsp
Black Pepper To Taste


1. Slice the onion as thin as possible and add the slices into ice cold water. This will make them crisp and remove their sharp flavour.

2. For the sweet and salty cucumbers, slice the cucumbers thin and mix them with the 1 tsp table salt and 1 tbsp castor sugar. Let them rest until the salt and sugar are fully dissolved and cucumbers soft. Squeeze out the excess liquid and discard it.

3. Squeeze some of the lime wedge into the cream cheese and mix well. 

4. Open your tin of smoked trout and use the oil to spread on your bread. Grill the bread on a pan over high heat. Finish it by quickly charring it over the open flame of your stove. It should be speckled with some charred corners, and not completely burned. 

5. Assemble: spread the lime cream cheese on the toast, followed by the cucumbers. Place the trout fillets over the cucumbers. Top the trout with the sliced red onions. Garnish with capers, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Enjoy!