Quick Truffle Mac & Cheese

By Raybird. 
Servings: 3-4. Vegetarian 

What happens when you combine Ford Farm Black Truffle Cheddar Cheese with our Morelli Artisan Fusilloni Pasta (or one of our Gluten Free Pasta options)? The ultimate Mac & Cheese! This recipe is designed to make a rich and velvety cheese sauce inspired by the packaged mac & cheese we enjoyed back in the day. Getting the consistency of the sauce is most important - and we learnt this quick and easy technique from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, mad scientist at Serious Eats. Don't forget the crispy toasted breadcrumbs on top!


Ford Farm Cheddar with Black Truffle

1 pkt (190 grams)

Morelli Fusilloni Pastaor

Morelli Gluten Free Paccheri

1/2 pkt (~250 grams)

Evaporated Milk (or regular milk, but it wont be as gooey!) 

1 can (160 ml)


To taste


 1 tbsp

Panko or any other breadcrumbs

2/3 cup
Cornstarch (OPTIONAL), mixed with 1 tbsp water 1 tsp


    1. For the toasted breadcrumbs, melt the butter in a pan and add the panko crumbs. Mix to coat the crumbs with the butter and toast until golden brown, mixing throughout. Season with salt, remove from the heat and cool.
    2. Add your pasta to a large pan and just cover with water. Season with salt and cook until tender, careful to not overcook. While the pasta is cooking, grate the cheese.
    3. Once the pasta is almost fully cooked (remove a piece and try it), strain most of the water, keeping about 1/4 of a cup - this starchy cooking liquid will bring body to the sauce. Reduce the heat and add the can of evaporated (or regular) milk and the grated truffle cheddar cheese. Mix very well over low until melted and combined.
    4. At this stage, if you find your sauce too thick, you can add a dash of water (not more than a teaspoon). If you find it too thin, mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with a tbsp of water until dissolved and add it to the sauce. Bring the sauce to a low simmer to activate the cornstarch and thicken the sauce. We recommend keeping the sauce on the thinner side, and just thick enough to coat the pasta, as it will thicken as it cools. 
    5. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Garnish with crispy toasted breadcrumbs and enjoy!