Kimchi Gouda Hot Dog

By Raybird. 
Servings: 2. Non Vegetarian 

We have said it before, and we will say it again, we love spicy, crunchy Kimchi with melted gooey cheese. In this case we paired our favourite Thuringer German Bockwurst Pork Sausages with Kimchi and a blanket of melted Dutch Gouda. The sausage is thick, juicy and smokey, and when combined with funky kimchi and gooey cheese in a pillowy soft roll, you have the hot dog of your dreams. Just add an ice cold beer.


Thuringer Pork Bockwurst Sausage 2 pc
Westzaner Gouda Cheese Slices 2 Slices
Kimchi 4 tbsp
Mayo 2 tbsp
Butter 1 tbsp
Hot Dog Bread Rolls 2 pc


  1. Finely chop the kimchi and set it aside. Slice open your hot dog roll and spread butter inside. Cut one slice of Gouda into three long strips to top the hot dog.
  2. On a dry pan over medium heat, heat your sausage and hot dog roll (butter side down). The roll is done once the inside is golden brown and crisp on the edges, about 4 minutes. The sausage will also be hot by then. 
  3. To assemble, spread mayo on the inside of the roll. Place your sausage inside, add a spoonful of the chopped kimchi inside, and another spoonful on top of the sausage.
  4. Last, lay the Gouda strips on top of the sausage. Place the hot dog under your oven broiler for a minute, or back in the pan with a dash of water and the lid on to melt the gouda cheese. Dig in!